How John Chambers Taught Me ‘The Magic Of Silicon Valley’

As I think about the influences that have been most important to me in my career and my life, quite a few come to mind. I really believe you can learn something from anybody, but there are a few people who stand out. There’s my father of course—there are plenty of stories about rocky father/son relationships, but I really loved my dad—everybody did. He ran his own machine shop, where I learned to weld when I was a few years younger than I am today. It was a small business, but my dad taught me so much about meeting people where they are and relating to and respecting them as individuals.



Keith Krach

My First: Easter-April Fool’s Day-Birthday

Keith Krach

Never forget Mama Krach’s face witnessing my side-splitting, gut-busting, nose-blowing, momentous April Fool’s Bday party.

Tomorrow is Easter, April Fool’s Day, and my birthday. The last time Easter fell on April 1st was in 1956 (the year before I was born), and it will only happen two more times in this century. Of course, I love the Easter Bunny. Heck, I have five kids and my three youngest still believe the Easter bunny went to Purdue. But being born on April 1st is something special.

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Make Friends First and Pretend You’re Switzerland: 7 Tips for a Successful Business Partnership

Striking up strategic partnerships is a proven and powerful way to tap new markets, leverage an organization’s presence and ability to scale, and build a brand and bottom line.

That is, if you plan, pick and partner with the right organizations in pursuit of a mutually beneficial relationship. At DocuSign, that’s meant setting the salesman’s hat aside and truly making friends with people respected in their industries. The goal should always be to over-deliver in order to build a long-term, trusted partnership.

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Hard-earned Lessons from Silicon Valley Veteran, Keith Krach

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Hard-earned Lessons from Silicon Valley Veteran, Keith Krach | #50
Chairman and Former CEO of DocuSign, Keith Krach, pioneered numerous categories in the tech space including mechanical design synthesis and business-to-business electronic commerce. General Motors, Rasna Corporation, and Ariba are among the forward-thinking companies Keith has served during his storied career. Today, Keith leads DocuSign to unprecedented growth; the DocuSign Global Trust Network has surpassed 200-million unique users with 300,000 new users joining daily. From parenting advice, to the most valuable lesson of Keith’s career, this episode of Entrepreneur Weekly is loaded with practical wisdom from a game-changing businessman. Listen now!

DocuSign Chairman Explains How The Company Became An Integral Part Of The Tech Industry

“We eliminate paper in [processes], which is the first and crucial step before you can leverage other technologies such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence,”

Krach said.

“Speed of implementation and getting results is crucial to overcoming the cultural resistance to change during any type of transformation.”

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Keith Krach’s thirty-five-year quest to increase the world’s productivity

“These same principles that Krach outlined at Ariba were also applied at DocuSign, which means being a category kingmaker isn’t luck or fortune. It’s a playbook….  A combination of academic, professional, and personal experiences have made him realize that successful category creation is teachable, duplicative, and all about pattern recognition.”

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